BANK RIPPLE Future Unicorn – Crushed The AXIE INFINITY Throne



SINGAPORE, October 28, 2021 / — Axie Infinity is a game based on the Blockchain platform (NFT Gaming) built on the Loom Network. It emerged as one of the leading games in the “Play to Earn” field, a global phenomenon by the Crypto community. Today, let’s learn about Bank Ripple – a potential project in the Gamefi field that is eyeing on the leading position of its “big brother” Axie Infinity.

What is a BANK RIPPLE?

Bank Ripple is the first gaming ecosystem built and operated on Ripple. Players use their fighting skills to enjoy a realistic match experience and earn valuable and tradable digital assets. Bank Ripple is a platform that opens up payments for XRP in a safe and simple way for users. This is Ripple’s open developer monetization platform. With its ecosystem, Bank Ripple has extended the GameFi mechanism and released its own game “Play to Earn”.

Bank Ripple (BRP) is known as an extremely unique digital war universe inspired by the Warcraft movie title that once took the world by storm. BankRipple‘s games are built on the Blockchain platform, where anyone can earn tokens through playing and enrich the game ecosystem. In it, players are free to fight, collect, train weapons as well as build their own kingdom.

Towards the goal of building a Bank Ripple platform that features social networking sites and employment platforms, Bank Ripple has created a strong community and created opportunities for players to participate in games “play to earn” and get BRP coins soon.

Bank Ripple’s superiority to Axie Infinity.

Available development platform

The biggest difference of Bank Ripple compared to other “Play to Earn” games is the available data platform of the ecosystem. The Bank Ripple ecosystem uses the utility token $BRP for everything, including auctioning and trading NFTs, buying slots on the virtual reality exhibition, paying royalties to authors when there is a transaction success, etc. All previously launched Bank Ripple ecosystem applications were received and welcomed by the community. Therefore, the popularization and access to liquidity of BRP is also simpler than that of AXS.

The Game building team

Bank Ripple is an ecosystem with many partners to strengthen its platform. Some notable partners (excluding dApp builds on BSC): CertiK, Quantstamp, ChainLink,Math Wallet, Trust Wallet,…These links assure users of the security as well as GamePlay diversity and accessibility to new players to the community. Above all, after researching and seeing the problems of the previous Game series, the development team wanted to orient Bank Ripple in the line of Moba Roles-Playing Game.

This is something that has never happened in any “Play for Money” game. With those advantages, Bank Ripple promises to be a game worth waiting for in 2022 when it has the ability to beat Axie Infinity with its increasingly expensive BRPtoken.








Percent: 8.5%

Total: 85M BRP

Price: $0.02

Investment: $100 – $500

Unlock: 10%

Vesting: 9 months

Start Date: November 1, 2021

End Date: November 15, 2021

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