Gun confiscated from student at Forbush Middle | Yadkin Ripple



EAST BEND — A Forbush Middle School student has been suspended following an incident on Tuesday involving a weapon on the school campus. In a statement, Superintendent Todd Martin said that “a gun was confiscated, without incident, during a student search” at the school on Tuesday afternoon.

Martin said that students reported to a teacher that a student had possession of a weapon.

“The teacher immediately shared the information with school administrators and the school resource officer. During the subsequent search, the gun was found and confiscated, and turned over to law enforcement. No students or staff members were threatened or harmed,” Martin said.

“Additional officers will be on hand throughout the week as further reassurance that students are safe,” he added. “We understand that incidents like this are concerning. We are here for our students and parents and always want them to make us aware of anything that concerns them.”

Yadkin County Sheriff Ricky Oliver said that the incident is being investigated and charges will likely be filed.

“At the end of the school day yesterday [Tuesday] the school staff and resource officer at Forbush Middle School was made aware of a student in possession of a weapon. That student was approached and the weapon was seized,” Oliver confirmed.

“The Sheriff’s Office is currently investigation not only the possession by the juvenile but also how the juvenile came to possess the weapon. Juvenile charges will be pending,” Oliver said.


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