Bank Ripple 3D GameFi emerges as a BIG COMPETITOR with Theta Network simulation platform



SINGAPORE, October 28, 2021 / — In 2021, with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the development of many projects. Among thousands of technology projects, Bank Ripple 3D GameFi emerges as a BIG COMPETITOR with Theta Network simulation platform but is invested more thoroughly and methodically.

Correlation between Theta Network and Bank Ripple

Theta Network (THETA) is a Blockchain protocol, by integrating with existing Streaming platforms Theta Network makes the process of creating, distributing content and consuming content more efficient for parties.

The popular content that Theta Network is focusing on are: Sports programs, E-Sports, Etc.

Launched at the end of 2017, Theta NetWork took nearly 2 years to expand its network to the market. In 2019, Theta developed explosively with the first Metaverse as the supporting platform behind more than 40% of the total number of Streamers in technology in Europe at that time. THETA was then traded on many different exchanges:

Major exchanges: Binance, Huobi, Upbit,

Small exchanges: Upbit, Hotbit, Okex…

It is a project with strong development momentum in the 3-year development roadmap. However, the expectations were high, but the coin showed a weakness in the foundation data leading to their price swings up and down extremely erratically. At one point, it bottomed out at $0.005916.

Many investors have been upset. Among thousands of technology projects, Bank Ripple 3D GameFi emerges as a Big Competitor with Theta Network simulation platform but is invested more thoroughly and methodically.

So what is BANK RIPPLE?

Bank Ripple is the first comprehensive gaming ecosystem built and operated on Ripple. Players use their fighting skills to enjoy a realistic match experience and earn valuable and tradable digital assets. Bank Ripple is a platform that opens up payments for XRP in a safe and simple way for users. This is Ripple’s open developer monetization platform. With its ecosystem, Bank Ripple has extended the GameFi mechanism and released its own game “Play to Earn”.

Bank Ripple (BRP) is known as an extremely unique digital war universe inspired by the Warcraft movie title that once took the world by storm. BankRipple‘s games are built on the Blockchain platform, where anyone can earn tokens through playing and enrich the game ecosystem. In it, players are free to fight, collect, train weapons as well as build their own kingdom.

All of Bank Ripple’s art and data assets are easily accessible to 3rd parties. At the same time, community developers also have the right to build tools and deliver their own experiences in the Bank Ripple universe.

Towards the goal of building a Bank Ripple platform that features social networking sites and employment platforms, Bank Ripple has created a strong community and created opportunities for players to participate in games “play to earn” and get BRP coins soon.


Bank Ripple is an ecosystem with many partners to strengthen its platform. Some notable partners (excluding dApp builds on BSC):

Security: CertiK, Quantstamp.

Oracle: ChainLink,…

Storage wallet: Math Wallet, Trust Wallet,…


Bank Ripple is an improved product from the XRP protocol and Binance Chain and was officially launched in October 2021. The biggest backer of Bank Ripple is Ripple Net, which is also an experienced investment fund when it officially entered the crypto market in 2019.

Highlights of the Bank Ripple ecosystem

• As one of the ecosystems with the top DeFi TVL

• Backed by Ripple Net.

• Easy to attract developers because it is an EVM blockchain.

• The ability to catch trends and keep up with the market very quickly.

Bank Ripple vs Theta Network?

After the failure of Theta Network at the end of 2020, the project’s development team planned a “Theta 3.0”, but everything is still just stopping at the concept. BRP 3D GameFi is a later project, so it should understand and fix as much as possible what still exists in the old Theta version. Bank Ripple 3D coin (BRP) is a project born with the purpose of changing the face of streaming platforms to help this method of communication bring out its full potential. The goal of BRP is to create a global content distribution network, with criteria of safety, efficiency, decentralization through the token incentive mechanism.

What is BRP used for in the Bank Ripple ecosystem?

BRP is used with functionality within the Theta Network ecosystem.

The BRP used in the Bank Ripple ecosystem is as follows:

• Lock and Stake BRP to become Validator Nodes (Block Production) or Guardian Nodes (Block Finalization) to get BRP as reward.

• Used to Vote on important issues related to Bank Ripple Network, such as Upgrade Protocol.

Bank Ripple has tried to provide as much information as they can provide about the Bank Ripple project as well as the BRPtoken. Interested in Bank Ripple Network? please join the social media channels below to update the latest information about the project:








Percent: 8.5%

Total: 85M BRP

Price: $0.02

Investment: $100 – $500

Unlock: 10%

Vesting: 9 months

Start Date: November 1st, 2021

End Date: November 15th, 2021

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