Smart Cities, Climate Change, and Crypto mining – A New Direction



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Elumicate empowers cities to become “Smarter” for the benefit of the citizens.

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Elumicate will allow a better understand Climate change, our involvement, and how to adapt and implement meaningful change.

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Elumicate’s Web3.0 infrastructure ensures the people own the network, and will benefit by receiving a new form of crypto, which is backed by the accumulated data..

Elumicate is building a fully decentralized real world data capture network to provide the foundational building blocks for future innovation.

MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA, December 13, 2021 / — Jason Bernard, CEO
Elumicate Inc.

Elumicate Announces change in Strategic Direction

Moncton, New Brunswick: Elumicate Inc. today announced that the organization has adopted a new strategic vision and direction, which were unanimously approved by the Board of Directors.

Internally dubbed Elumicate 2.0, the vision involves capitalizing on Elumicate’s current solution which consists of a world class data capture device powered by a custom built AI software and using it to build a global, fully decentralized network with the purpose of capturing outdoor activities and events.

The Elumicate network will be used to digitize outdoor events and will leverage a web3.0 infrastructure, blockchain technologies and crypto mining to reward and incentivize device owners. This will provide the foundational building blocks needed to inform, influence, and empower future technological innovation in the outdoor space, ultimately leading to an enhanced quality of life.

“By leveraging an attractive incentivization model built around blockchain technology, participants will be rewarded when their devices capture and digitize real world activities and events. We are building a completely decentralized data capture network that is owned by the people, for the people, while making sure security and privacy are kept as top priorities.” says Jason Bernard, CEO at Elumicate. “There is significant power and reward to be gained by capturing this data, and we want to ensure these benefits are shared by the many, not just a select few. We are structuring everything to make sure the people will get to vote on any privacy issues and ultimately decide what the network will look like in the future.”

The Elumicate network will:

– Capture real world safety, traffic, air quality, and environmental events in real time and digitize them in the form of data.

– Reward and incentivize device owners for their support and participation.

– Allow for future innovation and growth for the benefit of citizens, Smart Cities, first responders, weather scientists, climatologists, and more.

Benefits to be gained include but are not limited to:

– A better understanding of our surroundings and involvement in climate change

– Tracking and addressing issues relating to air quality

– Shortened commute times

– Ample warning times for natural disaster events

– Faster dispatch of emergency response crews

– Enhanced citizen safety

– A Multitude of Smart City Innovations and Advancements

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About Elumicate: Elumicate is leveraging web 3.0 and blockchain technologies in order to build a fully decentralized real world data capture network in order to provide the foundational building blocks required to inform, influence, and empower future innovation in the outdoor space; and ultimately, an enhanced quality of life.

Jason Bernard
Elumicate Inc
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