Bank of England Has a Warning to Investors of the Biggest Cryptocurrency; 90% Has Been Mined



The Bank of England stated that cryptocurrency and Bitcoin can be a dangerous investment and that people who have been investing and are holding investments on it should be prepared to lose everything.

The central bank questioned if there was any intrinsic value in the most popular digital currency, which surged in value this year to close to $50,000 per Bitcoin, in a warning to investors about the possible threats.

Bank of England

Sir Jon Cunliffe, the Bank’s deputy governor, stated that the bank needed to be prepared for dangers associated with the cryptocurrency’s rapid surge in popularity.

He said that their value can fluctuate a lot, and Bitcoins could theoretically, or practically, hold nothing.

Furthermore, the Bank’s financial policy committee, which was established in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis to examine risks, concluded on Monday, December 13, that crypto-assets pose a minimal direct threat to the UK financial system’s stability.

On the contrary, it did caution that at the current rate of expansion, such assets might become more intertwined with traditional financial services, posing a variety of hazards.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Risk Management

The Bank of England, in its regular health check on the financial system, said significant institutions should be cautious about embracing crypto assets and that it would keep a close eye on market developments.

The Bank of England stated via Slashdot that integrated regulatory and law enforcement mechanisms are needed to influence advancements in these fast-growing markets, both nationally and globally, in order to manage risks, stimulate sustainable innovation, and sustain broader trustworthiness in the financial system.

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Bitcoin Mining

Crypto mining has become a popular trend nowadays as well as a resolution to solving the scarcity of Bitcoin.

However, it is reported that 90% of all BItcoin in the world is now mined.

Bitcoin’s history dates back nearly 13 years, to the day when its network went live on January 3, 2009.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic architect of Bitcoin, mined the chain’s first block, known as the Genesis Block.

One of the most important and valuable characteristics of Bitcoin is its digital scarcity, which stems from the fact that only 21 million Bitcoins will ever be created.

According to Cryptopotato, 18.89 million BTC have already been mined, accounting for 90% of the total supply. After today, there are just about 2 million bitcoins remaining to mine.

However, because of the frequent halving occurrences, self-adjusting difficulty, and other pre-programmed features, it is expected to take a long time to mine the 21 millionth BTC made.

This could happen in the distant 2140.

Since the Bitcoin mining, the entire 100% will be mined in the middle of the next century.

In a nutshell, this is a pre-programmed event that occurs every 210,000 blocks approximately four years and reduces the block reward received by miners by half.

Back in 2009, the Bitcoin mining value began at 50 BTC every block, however, the current price now is at 6.25 BTC.

Furthermore, it is calculated to be lowered to 3.125 BTC in 2024.

The Bitcoin mining complexity adjustment is another important element designed to ensure Bitcoin’s consistent rate of coin production.

In essence, it’s a process that occurs every 2,016 blocks in two weeks that makes it harder or simpler for miners to complete their tasks.

When there are too many miners trying to mine new Bitcoins at the same time, the difficulty adjustment will make receiving rewards more difficult for them, and vice versa. This will keep the block-building process stable.


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