Ripple (XRP) and Fantom Crypto (FTM) Fail at Resistance – Will the Decline Stop? Rip



The cryptocurrency market has been uncertain what to do this week, after the bearish period in November and the flash crash last weekend, which made cryptos suffer some heavy losses. This week though the decline has stopped and cryptos tried to reverse higher, but have failed to do so with Ripple and Fantom failing at resistance indicators. So, let’s have a look at where they are headed right now.

Ripple Daily Chart Analysis – The 200 SMA Turns into Resistance

Ripple coin hasn’t shown many signs of life since September, when other major cryptocurrencies have made some major gains. The main thing which has been keeping Ripple down has been the lawsuit with the SEC in the US. The outcome of this lawsuit will lay down the basics for the crypto market regulation, that’s the reason for the increased interest in this case.

Meanwhile, Ripple’s attorney John Deaton, thinks that ripple will see a strong bullish run if the case goes in Ripple’s favor. According to him, if the case ends with a favorable ruling for Ripple and the crypto market is on a bullish phase, then XRP/USD might easily surge to $5.


Ripple did try to turn bullish during this week, after falling to $0.60 over the weekend, but the 200 SMA (purple) which used to act as support on the daily chart in previous months has turned into resistane now. The price formed an upside-down pin below that moving average, which is a bearish reversing signal, so down it goes. I would like to buy XRP/USD around $0.50-$0.60 so I am following the price action.

Fantom Daily Chart Analysis – Remaining in the Phantom Zone

FTM/USD trading between

Fantom was extremely bearish from August until the end of October, whcih sent the price more than $10 higher. The previous highs kept turning into support for FTM/USD, as it increased to $3.48. But, November turned out to be a bearish month for the market, sending the FTM price down as well.

The 100 SMA (green) turned into support on the daily chart, but the weekend crash took the price another leg down below $1.20, where this crypto met the 200 SMA (purple) which held as support. The crash has ended the the bias is still bearish in Fantom, so the price is lsiding lower either to the 200 SMA again at $1.20 or to $1, which would be a good place to buy this crypto. Fantom has had prtnerships with 123swap and the Swiss-Bangladeshi technology house SELISE, whcih shouold help the price once the bearish mode ends in the crypto market. So, the area around $1-$1.20 is a good place to buy.


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