Can the Pulse Bomber Miner be a Sustainable Passive Income Source?


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Pulse Bomber – a new project with a crypto mining platform as well as a dual buyback and marketing tokenomics model, has launched on the BSC and is making waves in the crypto space with the high ROI passive income potential.

The Pulse Bomber project is providing significant returns for the community of holders and is only the first step in the project’s plans of becoming a dominant force. The team has a detailed roadmap of development plans to increase this reward potential even further with a staking platform, NFT marketplace, launchpad, and gaming environment in the works.

Furthermore, the project is preparing for the launch of Pulsechain in the coming months and will be making the move to the new network as soon as it goes live. For holders of the BSC version of their token, a 1:1 airdrop will be delivered, once the migration occurs.

Passive Income with the Pulse Bomber Miner 

The project launched with a day one use case and has seen an influx of users taking advantage of the platform. The Pulse Bomber Miner is currently seeing users gain a 10% average daily ROI and up to 3650% APR from the miners they hire.

The mining platform works by allowing users to hire Miners and utilize these hired miners to generate additional $PULSEBOMBER tokens. The miner is simple, easy to use, and once set up, only has 2 main functions – hire additional miners or claim rewards. Through compounding, users can take their rewards earned each day and use these to increase their number of miners and increase their daily reward potential.

Users are encouraged to actively partake in the platform and return at least once every 24 hours to use one of the two main functions. Through the need for constant engagement, the miner is anything but a set and forget type system, and active users will see the consistent ROI advertised. Users who do not return to the platform within the allocated 24-hour window are expected to see a decrease in the performance and efficiency of their miners.

Based on the high but sustainable performance of the miner, Pulse Bomber holders have the potential to greatly increase their holdings and create a significant passive income stream.

Pulse Bombers Buyback and Marketing Tokenomics

The tokenomics model for Pulse Bomber is an evolution of the team’s previous success with Pulse Rise, using similar elements in the smart contract but with some significant differences. The model they have created has a big focus on token burns, but unlike other burn protocols seen in other projects, the tokens gained through taxes are used to purchase additional tokens from the open market for burning. This move sees a more positive impact on the charts and delivers additional value to the holders of $PULSEBOMBER.

Pulse Bomber is not only introducing the successful buyback mechanics, but also dedicates a portion of transaction taxes to a dedicated marketing fund. As proof of the tokenomic brilliance, the project amassed over 150K in the first two days of going live, with every cent being directed towards funding the growth and marketing of the project. 

Pulse Bomber’s Roadmap to the Inevitable PulseChain Bridge

Pulse Bomber has a detailed roadmap laid out in front of them with some big goals and aspirations, but the project also has expert help to get them there. Coinpresso has signed on as partners to the project for assistance with all future marketing, SEO, and promotional endeavors. Coinpresso is a leading crypto advertising agency and is bringing with them a wealth of experience as crypto website builders, SEO specialists, and social media managers. When this partnership is combined with the substantial marketing allowance the team has already grown and will continue to grow, the potential for mainstream attention is almost unlimited.

The project will be taking the leap into the highly anticipated PulseChain network, with a migration being planned and launching as soon as the PulseChain mainnet goes live at the beginning of 2022. As history shows, first movers to any new network generally see the biggest growth, and Pulse Bomber aims to cement itself as the ultimate project on PulseChain to be one of, if not the first project to utilize the new network. 



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