Grand Rapids is feeling the ripple effects of Monday night’s storm


 Though they are bummed out about their property, they are glad it was not worse.

“We are very, very lucky,” Donald said.

A few miles away, community members worked to pick up broken branches and break down fallen trees.

“This town got flipped upside down. This is the fourth load out here today so far,” Jacob Wood of Grand Rapids said. “The other ones were heaped up a lot higher.”

Woods spent several hours cleaning his grandparents’ yard and then joined in helping others.

“This community definitely pulled together and is definitely helping each other out big time,” Woods said.

Downtown, Super One was in the dark overnight, leaving their refridgerators without power.

The store brought in five trucks to salvage produce, but much of it had reached 40 degrees and sat for more than four hours, so it was no longer safe to sell.

“We’re trying to salvage as much as we can, but a lot of it has to go to the dumpster,” Al Olesiak, District Manager said. “It’s gonna take us weeks to be back where we should be.”

Nearly 5,000 homes and businesess in Grand Rapids alone lost power during the storm. Crews worked into the day Tuesday trying to restore it, but extensive damage caused some of the work to move slower.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the storm and as clean-up efforts continue, many are offering helping hands.

“This town really, really, really pulls together quickly,” Wood said.


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