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				                                Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital staff facilitates an on-site vaccine clinic for employees at PVH in Jonesville.

Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital staff facilitates an on-site vaccine clinic for employees at PVH in Jonesville.

JONESVILLE — Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital coordinated with PVH Distribution Center to vaccinate their team. One hundred twenty-eight Pfizer vaccines were administered to PVH employees to help combat the COVID-19 virus. Staff from Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital organized the event to ensure everyone had the opportunity to receive the vaccine at PVH.

Brandi Poplin, Clinical Supervisor for Hugh Chatham Medical Group, connected with leadership at PVH to coordinate a plan to ensure the safety of their employees. As a global business, PVH Distribution Center interacts with millions as they distribute to 40+ countries daily. In shipping to so many organizations world-wide, it was necessary that they were one of the first businesses to receive the COVID-19 vaccine through Hugh Chatham’s Occupational Medicine program.

One of the goals that PVH Distribution Center has is to “reduce negative impacts to zero.” PVH has reduced negative impacts by ensuring their employees are supplied with the resources they need to be successful. Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital’s team of 11 were instrumental in vaccinating 128 employees on March 24. The Hugh Chatham team divided into two separate groups to ensure that wait times were minimal for PVH employees.

Following vaccine administration, employees were monitored closely by the Hugh Chatham team to ensure they did not have a rare anaphylactic reaction. The Hugh Chatham Team will return in April to administer second doses to PVH employees.

When asked about the vaccination process, Nathan Lewis, Director of Human Resources said, “We feel very grateful to our community partners for coming on site, offering this clinic for our associates and helping make this happen.”

Poplin and the Hugh Chatham team’s goal is to ensure everyone in the community has received the COVID-19 vaccine so that we are one step closer to eradicating the COVID-19 virus.

“We were happy to assist PVH with their employee vaccination event to provide a safe and effective way to protect themselves, their families and their community,” said Poplin. “We look forward to returning in April to complete the vaccination series for their employees and furthering our goal of slowing the spread of COVID 19 in our community.”

Anyone interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine may register online at


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