Decentralized Travel Site Dtravel Says It Has 250K Homes Available to Book Using Crypto



Decentralized home-sharing platform Dtravel says that customers can use cryptocurrency to book 250,000 homes across the company’s global network of 20,000 destinations.

  • Dtravel says potential renters can use its recently launched TRVL token for payments, travel rewards, governance participation and other benefits. TRVL is listed on exchanges including MEXC Global, Bybit, and Gate.
  • ”The speed at which we’ve been able to increase the number of homes on Dtravel will be instrumental in accelerating the home-sharing economy’s transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, which – in the case of Dtravel – enables both hosts and guests to shape the platform through ownership and governance,” said Cynthia Huang of Genesys Partners, the team that contributed to Dtravel’s initial development.
  • The TRVL/BUSD trading pair is now available on Binance Smart Chain’s PancakeSwap, the first exchange for the BEP-20 TRVL token. TRVL token holders can use the AnySwap cross-chain bridge to seamlessly swap between the ERC-20 TRVL token and the BEP-20 TRVL token. And on Wednesday, TRVL was listed on KuCoin.

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