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Bitcoin analysis

The price of Bitcoin closed the daily candle on Tuesday doing a small step back [-907 dollari]. The price of BTC continues to struggle to break out of $ 58,323, while maintaining that level and successfully closing above that level on the daily time frame – that level is critical for market participants on the BTC 4HR chart.

PeterLBrandt’s BTC / USD 1W chart below allows traders to visualize Bitcoin’s strength and painted parabolic curve back to its December 2018 low.

Bullish bitcoin traders point to this parabolic curve, and the duration of this pattern is further evidence that the upside is coming for bitcoin before this bullish cycle is over.

Bitcoin analysis
The parabolic curve of Bitcoin

The Fear and Greed Index And 34 Fear And -6 from yesterday’s reading of 40 Fear.

Bitcoin analysis
The Fear and Greed index is still in the fear zone

Bitcoin is trading below its 50 Day MA [57.468 dollari] at the time of writing, but above its 100 Day MA [50.353 dollari] and above its 200 Day MA [48.699 dollari].

BTC’s 24-hour price range is $ 56,157 – $ 59,184 and the 7-day price range is $ 53,827 – $ 59,206. Bitcoin’s 52-week price range is $ 17,764 – $ 69,044.

The price of bitcoin on this date last year was $ 18,857.

The average price of BTC over the past 30 days is $ 60,773.

Bitcoin for the first time on Tuesday [-1.57%] closed its daily candle with a worth 56,938 dollars and in red numbers in four days.

Ethereum analysis

Ether’s price action diverged from that of BTC on Tuesday and closed its daily candle at + $ 188.4. There dominance of Ethereum is also at its highest level since the beginning of 2018 and constitutes the 20% of the aggregate capitalization del the cryptocurrency market at the time of writing.

The ETH / USD 1D chart below CRYPTOPICKK shows overhead targets for Ether bulls at 1 [4.686 dollari] and 1.618 [6.533,76 dollari].

Ethereum analysis
The Ethereum Bulls are aiming for $ 6,500

Ether is trading above all major moving averages, the 50 Day MA [$3.998], the 100 Day MA [$3.476] and the 200 Day MA [$2.906].

The 24-hour price range of ETH is $ 4,372 – $ 4,740, and the 7-day price range is $ 4,021- $ 4,683. Ether’s 52-week price range is $ 541.28 – $ 4,878.

The price of ETH on this date in 2020 was $ 589.58.

The average price of ETH over the past 30 days is $ 4,433.

Ether [+4.24%] closed its daily candle on Tuesday, worth $ 4,631.22 for a fourth consecutive day in green figures.

DOT analysis

Polkadot’s price continued its march towards higher prices Tuesday and closed its daily candle at + $. 77.

The 4-hour DOT / TetherUS chart below from Andy1GP shows the most important goals for DOT market participants.

Polkadot’s bulls are hoping to keep the 0.38 fib level [$39.60] and turn it over for support. Above that price, the following targets for DOT bulls are 0.5 [$42.14] and 0.618 [$44.84].

Conversely, DOT’s bearish traders are looking for a break of 0.236 [$36.67] and send DOT’s price lower than it has been since making its most recent all-time high of $ 54.98 [27 giorni fa].

Polkadot’s goals

Despite being + 18% over the past 90 days, DOT is trading below its 50 day moving average [$40.25]. The price of DOT is still above its 100-day moving average [$31.96] and its 200-day moving average [$30.98].

DOT’s 24-hour price range is $ 35.55 – $ 39.07, and its 7-day price range is $ 33 – $ 40.89. Polkadot’s 52-week price range is $ 4.61 – $ 54.98.

Polkadot’s price on this date last year was $ 5.10.

The average price of DOT over the past 30 days is $ 44.36.

Polkadot [+2.08%] ended the daily candle on Tuesday with a value of $ 37.88 for the fourth consecutive day.


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