Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction: Cardano, Polkadot & Shiba Inu — Asian Wrap 18 Oct



The IOHK team is prepared to support the upcoming Cardano maintenance upgrade, preparing for the next Daedalus release. Nervos bridge connecting Ethereum to Cardano is live, allowing users to interchange assets and create their own tokens. Dogecoin millionaire reveals that he has invested in Cardano and expects big moves in the altcoin’s price. 

Polkadot is nearing its parachain auctions in November 2021. The post-auction phase of Kusama led to a drop in the price of KSM tokens. If the same occurred to DOT, the price of the altcoin would plunge in December 2021. Analysts are more bullish on KSM tokens than DOT, as bridge development nears completion.


Ethereum whale spent $1.2 million on accumulating 49.9 billion SHIB tokens. Shiba Inu token can now be purchased at 4000 ATMs across the US and Brazil through Coin Cloud. SHIB ranked in the top 10 trending coins in Asia for the first two weeks of October 2021. 



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