Polka dot Zebra Tira back in the Serengeti

By Paul Owere

Serengeti. Two years ago Tira the polka dotted Zebra caught eyes of tourists as the foal and her family crossed from the Maasai Mara into the Serengeti.
Not much has been said about the unique Zebra and its whereabouts remained unknown.
Two years later the Tanzania National Parks have confirmed that Tira is back in the Northern Serengeti and she is all grown.
“Tira the famous Zebra is back. It feels good to be home and good to be different. Tira is currently in the Northern part of Serngeti,” reads a post from Tanapa.
In a picture that was taken by wildlife photographer Mohammed Hassan aka Moodieshots, Tira can be seen grazing, this time alone.
The post has since attracted a lot of attention on social media with many wishing that it stays there.
After it was first spotted and photographed in early September 2019, the pictures generated a lot of attention and unleashed a near-human ‘stampede’ in the Mara reserve.

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