Play-to-earn games are the reason ‘real’ gamers hate crypto: Atari founder


It’s no secret that conventional gamers harbor a powerful sense of disdain for crypto and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) of their games. The reason for that is clear, says Atari founder Nolan Bushnell: it began with the insane rise of play-to-earn games.

“I can tell you clearly where this disdain for crypto comes from,” Bushnell mentioned. “The hatred comes from these play-to-earn games that pioneered blockchain gaming.”

“Good gamers don’t like to grind. Grinding is shitty. What gamers want is fun, and unfortunately these play-to-earn games are 100% dependent on the greater fool theory to work.”

Speaking to Cointelegraph in a wide-ranging interview, Bushnell — referred to as the “godfather of video games” — shared his many views on the present gaming panorama and the function blockchain expertise will play in the sector shifting ahead.

While it may very well be seen as outlandish if somebody mentioned that they’d “invented video games,” — for Bushnell, this was simply part of his lengthy profession, together with founding the gaming system Atari and the American eating chain Chuck E. Cheese. He can be one in all the few folks in the world to have counted Steve Jobs as an worker.

Released in 1977, Atari 2600 was the first house online game console produced by Atari. Source: Wikipedia

Bushnell believes the way forward for Web3 gaming is determined by a serious shift away from play-to-earn dynamics and a renewed give attention to constructing convincing digital worlds by way of the use of digital actuality (VR) and augmented actuality (AR) expertise.

The mass adoption of those new worlds, Bushnell explains, will likely be totally dependent upon the human want for socialization in addition to a everlasting sense of “place and time” in the new economic system of digital worlds.

“How do you meet people? Where do you meet them? Where do you meet them? That’s the connective tissue of Web3 and the metaverse. If you can provide this sense of real place and real time in virtual worlds, that’s when I think we’ve really got something.”

Presently, Bushnell serves as the chief data officer at Moxy, a brand new blockchain-based esports firm, the place he describes three pillars the place blockchain can present trendy gaming with a much-needed improve.

The first and most necessary worth proposition Bushnell says is the capability to switch seamlessly and securely.

“We want to turn gaming into a platform for competition and in order to have good competition, you need to be able to securely transfer funds simply and easily,” he defined.

As the world turns into more and more digital, there must be a manner for folks to make sure that actions and expectations are aligned with outcomes.

“Number two, and it’s a close two, by the way, is the utility of smart contracts. Smart contracts don’t just have value in games but in all human interactions because so much of what we do in life is establish relationships and then set the terms of those relationships.”

The third key space is the capability to securely retailer the worth of digital property in the type of currencies and tokens.

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 First launched to cryptocurrency by Tether co-founder Brock Pierce when Bitcoin (BTC) was hovering round the worth of $50, Bushnell mentioned he didn’t take an excessive amount of discover of crypto at first.

However, like many others, he modified his minds when the worth of Bitcoin started to surge, and immediately Bushnell realized that there may be one thing extra occurring in the world of blockchain.

While Bushnell admits that he doesn’t have a lot materials publicity to cryptocurrencies as a consequence of the unstable nature of costs, he concluded that anytime people are able to sharing a notion of worth en masse, “we’re usually in the clear.”

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