Bitcoin’s cycles are changing — Bloomberg analyst Jamie Coutts explains how and why


In the most recent episode of Cointelegraph’s Market Talks, host Ray Salmond speaks with Jamie Coutts, a chartered market technician and crypto market analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. 

When requested whether or not Bitcoin’s (BTC) pre- and post-halving value motion may differ from earlier cycles resulting from a change in world financial coverage, Coutts stated: 

“I’ve been writing about this for most of the year. We do have some strong fundamentals in the space, but ultimately, what drives risk assets is liquidity. The longer that we have this tightening cycle, and if we start to see an uptick in unemployment and more stress in the banking sector, then there could be a bit more pain for risk assets like Bitcoin.” 

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Despite the dim macroeconomic outlook, Coutts did recommend: 

“We could be near the end. There is still a lot of underlying stress in the U.S. banking system and other areas of the economy. I think this is somewhat different to any other Bitcoin cycle that we’ve seen, but ultimately, people will need to keep in mind that we are living in a fiat and credit-money-based money system, and inevitably, there will need to be a return to some form of easing because essentially the system cannot handle long periods of deflation. So, it is still Bitcoin, and to some degree, crypto assets that have control of their inflation schedules that will do well when things start to resume.” 

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