Bitcoin data highlights 3 key reasons why investors don’t care about BTC price


Much has been made from Bitcoin’s (BTC) poor price action as of late, with many analysts making the case for additional bearish momentum within the weeks forward.

Yet it wasn’t too way back that many investors and crypto pundits had been raving about some noteworthy basic metrics that had been, and proceed to be, fairly bullish. 

Let’s check out three Bitcoin metrics that bulls may bear in mind.

Bitcoin’s hash price hovers close to a document excessive

Bitcoin’s hash price, a metric displaying the quantity of computing energy devoted to mining BTC, not too long ago hit a document excessive, indicating the general power of the community and continued curiosity from miners. There has by no means been extra safety in Bitcoin, and it highlights the truth that miners seem to think about the way forward for the Bitcoin community.

There’s some controversy as as to whether or not a excessive hash price constitutes a bullish sign. Investors equate the elevated hashing energy as an indication of an impending price enhance, whereas others say the other, or that no correlation exists in any respect. 

When trying on the previous yr’s data, there does seem like a definite relationship between hash price and price. 

Bitcoin complete hash price vs. market price (USD), 1-year chart. Source:

This makes good sense, provided that miners will finally start to mine extra when costs rise. The hash price and miners’ actions are additionally impacted by the Bitcoin issue adjustment that happens roughly each two weeks. As the hash price rises, so does the problem, which means it requires extra power to mine 1 BTC.

A better hash price can solely maintain decrease costs for therefore lengthy as a result of miners’ price of manufacturing will increase with issue, whereas their earnings diminish. Therefore, both the price should rise or the hash price will fall sooner or later.

Currently, the price has fallen considerably relative to the hash price. The final time this occurred in June, a rally adopted.

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In addition to the hash price rising, there seems to be renewed mining curiosity from nation-states. The nation of Oman has introduced plans to provide 7% of the Bitcoin hash price lower than two years from now.

Bitcoin addresses holding 0.1 BTC at all-time excessive

Bitcoin hodlers have remained robust all through the bear market, with the number of wallets holding 0.1 BTC or more reaching 12 million for the first time. This trend has continued despite the current range-bound price action dotted with occasional corrections.

Bitcoin addresses with balance of over 0.01 BTC vs. price. Source: Look Into Bitcoin

This demonstrates a degree of trust in the asset class in spite of everything else happening in the market. Adoption is growing even as prices disappoint.

While 0.1 BTC may have once been a trivial amount, today it’s significant, as this represents about $2,500 at current prices. The fiat value can be much higher when priced in other currencies. 12 million entities having amassed this much Bitcoin shows how seriously the world has begun to take such an investment.

Bitcoin balances held on exchanges trend down

The number of wallets holding significant amounts of Bitcoin has also risen, while the amount of Bitcoin held on exchanges has been trending lower since the collapse of FTX in November 2022. This trend has ramped up since April 2023. This indicates that individuals are taking self-custody of their coins, possibly highlighting their disinterest in selling in the near future.

BTC price vs balance held on exchanges one-year chart. Source: Coinglass

Over the last week, the BTC balance held on exchanges has declined from 1.88 million to 1.84 million. Historically, an influx of coins to exchanges has tended to precede a time of selling pressure, while outflows from exchanges have buoyed the Bitcoin price.

Taken together, these three metrics show that investors’ thesis for buying Bitcoin has grown stronger than ever. Bitcoin miners maintain mining, hodlers maintain hodling, and people proceed to take custody of their cash.