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It is not just applied to undergraduates, instead of every student, graduate students, staff, faculty and even visitors are covered under the law. The law covers all students and faculty. However, the law was not introduced only to protect the rights of female students. The resources include emotional support, confidential counselling and medical care whether or best pron video not they choose to report such happenings of law enforcement. The fact is ensured that every student has access to the process and they have the right to report such a problem. Full liberty is given to students to lodge a complaint anonymously or can also report on behalf of their friends they know were victims of such instances. It also ensures that the universities take prompt actions and respond aptly to any complaint of sexual harassment or misconduct and take active measures to curb such cases from happening in future. According to the law of Title IX law firm, all universities are obligated to uncover the resources and several alternatives available for the security of students.

This support is critical for the LGBT community since a survey of the Association of American Universities concluded that LGBT students face increased risk of sexual assault almost daily. Universities are expected to provide support to the extent possible to the students who were sufferers of such problems or has experienced such an incident. A variety of factors were assumed to be possible obstacles that restrained such cases from reaching the police. According to a survey conducted it was observed that only five percent of such cases of sexual assault were reported and the Justice Department also figured out that only 20% of such cases were reported to the police that was of sexual assault held at the university campus. Reports show that there are a variety of cases of sexual assault that were not reported by the higher authorities of the universities. These included fear, shame, not involving others, etc. These ranged from the fear of not being believed, and the fear of doubting the process or how to make the authorities understand. There is nothing like watching some Australian porn after a long day at work or in the weekends when you have some time off. Don’t forget that you can even download the movies you want to see later on, save them in your computer and enjoy them when you have some time.

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