Cape Town Lawyer Turned Filmmaker Proves It’s Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams


So, start big with your selection process if you’re serious. Don’t test the waters at smaller festivals until you’ve already given the bigger names a shot, because you may be eliminating your chances before you even submit. Read more about here. As you work through your list of screenplays and movie ideas, you’ll find that your goals and strategies are fluid, and they interact with each other.

Just learn how to utilize your limited resources and make something cool out of nothing. Here is a quick video outlining my tips for creating a short film. Shortfundly, an online platform for creative filmmakers, can be used to promote your short film and gain a wide audience. – Reach out to industry publications, industry blogs, and even social media influencers with a relevant brand and following to see who will be willing to share your content. If your content provides them any value at all, they will be happy to write about it or share it for their readers/followers who may like it enough to check out your company for themselves.

I would always recommend providing a more detailed campaign that shares your passion to tell your story with possible footage already shot to share with the fundraising community. Usually a good crowdfunding company will provide for you steps and strategies on what works best for their particular community and platform and I would always advise you to pay attention to such tips. I would also advise familiarizing yourself with camera and lighting. You do not need to be a camera expert, but education goes a very long way so you can stay within budget and actually understand the pros and cons to different cameras.

Thoughtful rewards that offer opportunities to engage with your film, your creative process, or your team. Ideally, these rewards will also be priced appropriately. The average amount a Film project raises on Kickstarter hovers around $12,000, with the average short film raising $5,600. While producing physical merchandise (for example, T-shirts) for your backers might be appealing, we recommend focusing on digital rewards for reward tiers of $50 and less. The above point is especially true when you’re planning to write a vehicle for yourself. This is not to say that you shouldn’t branch out or break typecasting, but know what you’re capable of and try to speak from some position of knowledge or authority.

Short films are not made with profit in mind, so rather than going after investors, you might look at people in your circle who would chip in to help you out. No matter what you’re trying to do for your business—whether it’s promoting a product, sharing your vision, or connecting with customers—high quality, professional video content can do it all. Start producing video to capture attention of your audience, and build your brand a more dynamic way. An added bonus of producing a short film is you get to have a premiere! Pop up some popcorn and get the cast, crew, and as many people from your business’s email list together to share the film for the first time on the big screen. In either case we’d love to see if there was a way to work together to provide great content for your site, and at the same time help promote our film currently on Kickstarter.

That type of openness to your subject matter on every level is critical to this type of filmmaking, because the films are very much about the process of discovery. For me, anyway, the films are as much about the journey that we take and reporting the emotions of the… These attempts at regulation, though, also led to new types of marginalized filmmaking in various countries that dealt more explicitly with sex than was considered acceptable. The growth of an experimental cinema across Europe and the United States created a space for espousers of modernism and ”bohemian” lifestyles to express themselves in films. French director Germaine Dulac’s La souriante Madame Beudet depicted a woman’s lack of sexual fulfillment in a conventional middle-class heterosexual marriage.

You might have been in film school or have read magazines or Wikipedia on how a film should be made. That’s great, at least it shows you are proactive. But these techniques don’t work for low budget films, and even less so for zero budget films.

So it won’t be disseminated as broadly by Facebook’s algorithm. It’s where we post most of our updates and where most of our fans have found us. Explore your options and learn how to market a movie beyond your immediate circle of friends and family. But I’ve had situations where people struck a deal with me by a direct message in a social media platform. Then, months later, I couldn’t remember which social media platform was used.

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