It is on the list of details I need to replicate as a new blogger. Sometimes VPS and Dedicated hosting require a lot of your own development work. If you don’t have a dedicated web developer that can manage all of your own files on your server, go with the Bluehost Choice Plus or Pro. More importantly, after you sign up for hosting, use Cloudflare as your CDN for better performance. The business you have going on is pretty impressive.

(E.g. link to your post as That way, whoever’s coming from Quora can skip what’s not important from their point of view. Updating your old posts is one of those techniques that basically every blogger with experience speaks highly of. Neil Patel, for instance, says that bringing his old posts back to life resulted in 51% more traffic over a three-month period. Your content absolutely deserves to be updated on a regular basis. There’s always new information popping up, new data, new techniques, methods, products, or whatever else it is that you write about.

It’s not always about what you know, but who you know. Partnering with other tourism entities gives your destination a broader reach and louder voice. When you combine marketing efforts, you get more bang for your buck and better visibility.

Will’s angry voice was so distinct in the hyperbolically positive world of travel bloggers, but he wasn’t being himself. Read more about here. I’m glad he’s found his flow on his blog now – it’s still one of the most insightful out there. Here are a few travel bloggers, with travel blog writing examples, who really stand out to me for having been able to do this. Having a tight niche is another way to really stand out over the many, many other travel bloggers.

Similarly, you may wish to work alongside a printing business in order to let people know that your travel blog is the best in Philippines. When it comes to email marketing, the overall goal is to build an email list. An email list allows you to send content directly to those individuals that are interested in your blog posts and/or other products or services that you offer. Information can be presented in a few ways in a travel blog; however, for your purposes, it may be worthwhile to feature destinations based upon the most popular times they’re visited in the year. Time this by a few months ahead of time to allow people the opportunity to get ready for these trips. People tend to start planning for their next vacation a few months ahead of time.

I enjoyed reading your article, really explained everything in detail and very interesting and effective. Thank you for sharing and good luck for the upcoming articles. Thanks for this great article, I really learnt a lot From it today. The key when it comes to selling products is to make sure they are relevant and valuable to your current readership. offers an end-to-end solution to start a simple website for free.

If you add more social channels later, look for ways to adapt and reuse your content across platforms to save time. While you don’t want to post the exact same thing across all social media channels, you can find ways to make your content work together. When you’re promoting a travel business, social media seems like a natural fit.

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