On this episode of “On Purpose,” host Tyrone Ross envisions the future of the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) industry. A shift in clientele is set to occur as the baby boomer generation passes the baton to the millennials. The wealth management industry, as it stands today, is not prepared for the millennial client of the future.

As phones continue to permeate more and more aspects of daily life, Ross says the RIA of the future is on the phone, on an app. Clients will hold their financial plan, estate plan and assets on-chain, all being navigated and altered from their phones. Gaming, the metaverse and Web 3 will be the topics of conversation with clients more and more as time goes on.

Ross expresses that one thing will remain true, no matter what: Clients will always need advice. They will always pay for advice. What does the adviser of today need to learn in order to be a successful adviser in the next five, 10, 15 years?

This episode has been produced, announced and edited by Michele Musso with additional production support from Eleanor Pahl. Our theme song is Walk with Swag.


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