Unannounced 4090 Ti, RX 7000 GPUs Allegedly In Use In A Crypto Mining Farm



Crypto mining farms already have the latest and greatest graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD these days. But apparently, some of them have cards that are yet to be announced and they’re already reaping massive rewards. Or at least that’s what they say. 

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WCCFTech reports that a certain cryptocurrency mining rig has been spotted on a forum equipped with cards that technically don’t exist yet: the NVIDIA RTX 4090 Ti and the AMD RX 7000. 

Furthermore, these cards allegedly have hash rates at around 1.23 TH/s, which can go as high as 2.47 TH/s. This is leagues above what current crypto mining GPUs are capable of. 

The CMP 170HX, which is Team Green’s flagship mining card as of the moment, can only come up with a hash rate of 164 MH/s. 

The only problem is that there’s no way to prove if this mining farm’s operation (and hardware they purportedly have) is even real. WCCFTech goes as far as saying that it’s too good to be true. 

Nevertheless, screenshots of the mining farm’s hardware performance are insane to even think of. Typically, farms like this will have hundreds of graphics cards at work to even turn in a profit. 

With the reported hash rate of this “4090 Ti,” it will actually take 10,000 RTX 3090s to even match the performance. 

But this one appears to only have three workers: the so-called 4090 Ti, and two RX 7000 series cards (one overclocked, the other one at stock speeds). Screenshots of the mining performance are hosted on Flexpool.io, if you’re curious and want to check it out. 

Then again, it could also be possible that the mining farm actually has more than just three cards at work. It’s because the numbers are just way beyond what current-generation GPUs are able to pump out. 

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Crypto Miners Getting Dibs Early? Not Likely

The answer is simple: it’s highly unlikely that this is true. For now, it is too early for NVIDIA and AMD (or even a bit out of character) to pre-release a high-end SKU before it officially hits the market. Team Green hasn’t even announced anything about the RTX 4000 series, alongside Team Red. 

Whatever information there is about the successors to the Turing line remains as rumors. Various leakers, including prominent insider Greymon55, has said that RTX 4000 has already been finalized for a release next year. 

According to PCGamesN, the projected release window is Q3 2022. That’s between July 1st to September 30th. Beyond that, however, lies nothing else, as NVIDIA hasn’t even confirmed the existence of the cards yet. 

NVIDIA RTX 30-Series GPU Restock Best Buy

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NVIDIA RTX 30-series GPU is having a massive restock on Best Buy, and this might be one of its widest one so far.

As for the RX 7000 series (which will be RDNA3), there’s a little bit more news. VideoCardz reports that Team Red’s Navi 31 GPU has been “taped out.” “Taping out” is apparently an important step towards bringing the card to the open market, though there’s more steps involved after that. 

Take this information with a grain of salt. 

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