Gelid, Fujipoly, Minus Pad 8, Thermalright Extreme Odyssey Thermal Pads Impress Ethereum Mining RTX 3090 GPU – Own Snap


Undisputed monster RTX 3090 GPU is the fastest Ethereum mining GPU on the planet which is accessible to everyone to purchase due to being a gaming card for high end enthusiasts. However, stock thermal pads of RTX 3090 always disappoint Ethereum crypto miners due to being a substandard quality pads where Nvidia or AIB partners can cut some cost.

Fresh and unbiased review of prominent thermal pads was just reviewed by TekShinji crypto mining enthusiast. Keeping the GDDR6X memory modules’ temperatures down is the top priority for crypto miners in heat producing environments whether it’s in garage or basement. Almost all available Thermal Pad brands were thoroughly tested on RTX 3090’s memory modules. Memory intensive Dagger Hashimoto proof of work algorithm pushes memory temperatures till 100% limit so the reviewing thermal pads based on crypto mining is pretty accurate.

In terms of sustained memory junction temperature of RTX 3090 in ambient 23 degrees Celsius and auto fan settings, the most affordable Gelid GP Ultimate scores the lowest 96 degrees temperatures alongside identical NAB Cooling NB Supermax. Fujipoly Ultra Extreme XR-m came second and others scored 100 degrees or above.

Again, with a whopping 100% fan settings, the lowest sustained memory junction temperature chooses the winner Gelid GP Ultimate, Nab Cooling and expensive Fujipoly Ultra Extreme XR-m pads which maintained 84 degrees Celsius compared to stock and cheaper pads.

Outrageously expensive Fujipoly Ultra Extreme XR-m require $66 to repad the whole memory module area. Most valuable one with performance per cost metrics here is NAB Cooling NB Supermax with a cost of $11.69 to replace existing stock pads on GPU.

Another side of coin here identified by TekShinji is that the best thermal pad might provide also the heating issues towards GPU core because the highly effective thermal conductivity may transfer enormous high temperature within the heatsink. Somehow, miners know about this issue and they set GPU core clock way down till negative 30%.

In a nutshell, the most affordable and best conductive thermal pads are NAB Cooling Supermax alongside Gelid GP Ultimate that are made to save the efficient GPU mining performance.

Source: Tekshinji via YT


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