MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor’s 17,732 BTC Holdings Now Worth $1.1B



MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor has personally done very well by his longtime support for bitcoin, with his own holdings of the crypto now worth more than $1 billion.

  • On Thursday, Saylor retweeted a tweet of his from a year earlier in which he disclosed that he personally held 17,732 BTC that he purchased for an average price of just under $10,000 (at the time, those holdings would have been worth $235 million). In his retweet, he added the comment that “you do not sell your #bitcoin,” implying that he still owned all those coins.
  • At current prices, Saylor’s holdings would be worth about $1.1 billion, reflecting an unrealized gain of more than 500%.
  • MicroStrategy did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether Saylor had sold any of his holdings from a year ago nor whether he had bought any additional bitcoin since then.
  • On Thursday, the company disclosed that it had added almost 9,000 BTC to its balance sheet in the third quarter, bringing its total owned to 114,042 BTC. At current prices, that bitcoin is worth about $7 billion, while MicroStrategy’s entire market capitalization is roughly $7.4 billion.


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