Bungay Wave set to ripple through town in support of flooding victims


A decorative Bungay Wave is set to ripple through town to raise awareness for victims of flooding both at a local and national level.

Bungay locals, businesses, schools and churches are encouraged to put up watery theme displays from October 31 to November 12 during the duration of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

The event is being organised by Sustainable Bungay to support both flooding victims close to home and those across the world.


Kate Jackson salvaging an inflatable unicorn from the river.

– Credit: Kate Jackson

Kate Jackson, one of the founding members of Sustainable Bungay said: “We are encouraging people across the town to decorate their windows with watery themes to raise awareness for victims of flooding during the duration of the COP26 climate summit.

“Reusable materials will be best and it is a great project for children to get involved with as well.

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“Not only is this to show our support for local flooding victims from last Christmas in Bungay, it is also to demonstrate that many children suffer from eco anxiety.

“So this event is about bringing people together and is all about community.”

bungay flooding

Flooding hit Bungay, Earsham, Broome and surrounding areas on Christmas Eve.

– Credit: Stella Robinson

Miss Jackson said the aim of the event is also to put local pressure on government to create long-term change.

She said: “We are running this during the entirety of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow because it is really easy to think a summit has nothing to do with us but it does.

“It is also about partially putting pressure on our local MP and central government to create change.

“But it is also about community action as well.

“Suffolk is one of the counties in the UK which is expected to see more frequent flooding in the near future because of rising sea levels and unusual weather patterns.

“Many at local level, such as farmers, are finding innovative ways to prevent runoff by growing more crops on their land.

“But we also need action from central government as well.”

So far, Bungay churches, locals, shops and members of the public have agreed to get involved with the Bungay Wave.

To get involved from October 31 to November 12 email sustainablebungay@hotmail.com get contact via Facebook @SustainableBungay or the website www.sustainablebungay.com.


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