Letter: Do the math: Selah’s pool levy pays its way


To the editor — When voting for the Selah Aquatic Center levy, please consider this:

There’s an average of eight swim meets a year, and around 100 swimmers at each meet. If each swimmer has an average of 2.5 spectators, that’s 350 people in town for a meet that can last 4-6 hours.

Folks need to eat, so they all go to different places in town to eat. If the average meal for 3.5 people is $65, and 100 families eat in Selah, that’s $6,500 per meal into our local economy per meet, not including incidentals they buy along the way at various Selah businesses.

If each meal averages $6,500 and there are eight meets, that’s $52,000 in revenue into Selah’s economy, supporting jobs, small business, and sales tax that then helps the city maintain Selah. It’s a ripple effect. Imagine if the ripple didn’t start because the levy failed. The levy is for 10 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. The average cost of a home in Selah is $393,000, making the average levy amount $39.30 for a year, or $3.28 a month.


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