Golem Network Opens Ethereum Mining App to the Public


ZUG, Switzerland, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Golem Network, the open-source platform for the exchange of idle computing power is launching Thorg, a desktop application that allows users to easily mine for Ethereum. Built on top of the Golem Network, Thorg users can access additional compute power while earning payment in GLM, the Golem Network’s Ethereum-based native token as a reward for their computations.

The Thorg app makes mining significantly more accessible  – and fun – for the public. It is available via secure and previously tested modules, free to download, and accessible on both Windows or PC machines. The app is initially targeted to owners of high-end computing systems including gamers, animation professionals and GPU miners but will support more machine types in the near future. All Thorg payouts are run on Ethereum’s layer 2, meaning miners earn rewards quicker and cheaper than applications built on Ethereum’s mainnet.

The app is highly anticipated in the Golem community as the launch has been teased for a number of weeks via social media. Golem has a proven track record of success for delivering secure software within the cryptocurrency industry and has created a fun, user-friendly approach to mining with Thorg.

Thorg has created a way for Golem to show its progress in several technical development areas and “battle test” them by making these updates available for both end-users and the growing developer community. Overtime, this will result in more use-cases and ecosystem growth facilitated by the features and optimizations that will be introduced to the platform through the mining implementation.

“Thorg enhances the Golem platform as this mining use-case opens up new and exciting ways of creating a healthy and efficient market by providing additional tools for optimizing passive income. The application also enables us to explore new payment schemes, different cooperation models between users, and additional ways of accessing and utilizing the Golem Network,” said  Piotr Janiuk, CEO at Golem Network.

The Golem Network also recently announced its partnership with scientific software Allchemy to uncover plausible traces of life’s emergence via a combination of decentralized technologies, scientific computing and research. This project, deemed [email protected], harnesses computing power and allows nodes to simulate prebiotic syntheses on a previously unavailable scale, with nearly five billion reactions and molecules being considered and growing.

From March 2021, the Golem Network’s available mainnet compute resources have grown from 0 to more than 23,600 cores, 34 TB memory (RAM), 170 TB storage, which is provided by roughly 800 individual providers on the network (measured at daily highs). Beyond this, there are over 50 community-created applications openly available to use with Golem, with more on the way. Golem Network compares against the ranks of largest distributed computing projects, as high as 7th most active processing units.

About Golem Network:
Golem is the reliable decentralized and censorship resistant marketplace for idle computing power. Through its expertly-developed platform, Golem democratizes access to computing power and enables this exchange to make computing and creative freedom accessible for every developer. Golem’s cutting-edge architecture provides users with a proxy-free network custom built for tackling even the most ambitious projects without fear of censorship or intervention. To learn more about Golem’s open-source platform, visit golem.network.

SOURCE Golem Network

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