Can Cryptocurrency Ever Be Sustainable? This Mining Startup Thinks So (Exclusive)


Not only is investing in sustainability-minded crypto better for the planet, but it’s also more sustainable for your wallet, Podhola says.

If you want to get started in crypto investing — and want to keep things sustainable — Podhola’s No. 1 piece of advice is to invest in “anything that has to do with technology surrounding energy.”

His No. 2 piece of advice is to invest in “any miner, or any mining company, or data center that is focused around the vertical growth of their data, and growing their company and power in a sustainable way.”

“Oil and gas eventually is going to rear its head, and people who invest in oil and gas today, and five years from now, long term, they’re not going to get a good return out of it,” Podhola believes. “As opposed to sustainable models, which are going to continue to uptick, with the new generations of Gen Z and beyond, who are more focused on social responsibilities.”

Basically, just like any other massive, unsustainable industry, converting cryptocurrency into a truly sustainable venture isn’t totally impossible — it will just take a lot of work.

Additional reporting by Amber Garrett.


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