AMD/XFX BC-160 crypto GPU teased: 8GB HBM2, 150W, 72MH/s mining ETH

It looks like AMD has plenty of GPUs but just not for gamers, with a new crypto mining GPU spotted in a new AMD BC-160 mining card.


The new AMD BC-160 mining card uses a Navi 12-based GPU with 2560 Stream Processors and 8GB of HBM2 memory at 1.54Gbps on a 2048-bit memory bus. There’s 2 x 8-pin PCIe power connectors required, with 150W TGP which isn’t too bad considering it can mine ETH at around 69-72MH/s.

XFX China is reportedly the company designing the AMD BC-160 mining card, with a cluster of these new AMD BC-160 mining cards each hitting 72MH/s. There’s 8 of the AMD BC-160 mining cards in this system, for a total of 579MH/s of ETH mining power, once again — not bad for around 1000W of power.

AMD/XFX BC-160 crypto GPU teased: 8GB HBM2, 150W, 72MH/s mining ETH 02 |

This new AMD BC-160 mining card reportedly has 8GB of HBM2 memory with 4Gbps speeds, which isn’t available for HBM2 on other cards. These new high speeds are meant to debut with the newer HBM3 standard, but this could very well be a mistake — intentional or not — in the marketing materials that have been leaked.

I guess we’ll wait and see, but if this card is real it represents yet another Navi GPU and other required parts to make this card (and I’m sure thousands of others) while gamers are combating insanely over-priced GPUs, including the just-launched AMD Radeon RX 6600.

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