Cryptominers Bypass Nvidia LHR Limiters By Mining Two Coins at Once



Following in NBMiner’s footsteps, T-Rex is another cryptocurrency mining software that has restored up to 70% mining performance on GeForce RTX 30-series (Ampere) LHR graphics cards. However, T-Rex also brings with it a pretty nifty feature that lets users mine up to two different cryptocurrencies simultaneously, so they can use the remaining 30% of power to mine something else.

For now, no software has been able to completely beat Nvidia’s improved anti-mining algorithm. Both NBMiner and T-Rex are still a while away from letting you dedicate 100% power to one specific coin, but the latter’s new function is the closest thing to exploiting complete performance on GeForce LHR graphics cards we’ve seen yet. When T-Rex’s new dual mining option is enabled, users can devote up to 30% performance to Ethereum (ETH) and the remaining 70% to another cryptocurrency such as Ergo (ERG), Ravencoin (RVN) or Cornflux (CFX). It’s weird how the solution doesn’t work the other way around, with 70% going to Ethereum and the rest to another cryptocurrency, considering that Ethereum is easily the most profitable option.


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