Another Litecoin-Walmart Moment On The Horizon With Ripple-SEC?


The Ripple VS SEC case is becoming interesting day by day as the crypto masses expect a closure at the earliest. The constant drag in the proceeding may have exhausted the communities patience that has straight away impacted the XRP price. And hence a major boost is currently required to uplift the price which is wandering around $1. And what could be more efficient than the rumours of the SEC dropping its case on Ripple?

Yes, according to the new circulating rumours, SEC is speculated to have dropped the case against Ripple. The report just blindly wrote that the 10-month long legal battle has just come to an end. However, the piece of composition fails to provide an authentic source for its claims. And moreover, neither the SEC nor Ripple has said a word about it. 

Interestingly, the probabilities of creating yet another Walmart-Litecoin rumour are also high. As previously, LTC prices skyrocketed with the fake news of Walmart collaborating with Litecoin. 

As the rounds of this news circulated the space, XRP price is surging towards the north at lightning speed. A huge big green candle made its way out that uplifted the price above $1. Currently, the platform is witnessing huge buying pressure with the RSI trending in the overbought region. 

Source: Tradingview

However, the price jump on the basis of any rumour would not be for a long time. And hence a drastic dump to its initial levels could be imminent as it happened with the LTC price. Therefore it’s always better to be away from such rumours which may pose a high risk for your investments. Hence until and unless there is no confirmation from either Ripple or SEC, the lawsuit remains ongoing.

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