Letter to the Editor: ‘With personal choice comes responsibility’ | Yadkin Ripple

To the Editor:

If you choose to send your unmasked, unvaccinated child to school and they cause serious illness in another child, will you bear the financial and emotional responsibility for that child’s care? If you choose to put your life in God’s hands and not get vaccinated, will you bear the responsibility of allowing God to choose whether you live or die and not overburden our already strained healthcare system? If you choose to stand behind “My body My Choice,” will you bear the responsibility to allow all women to do the same? If you choose to stand up for former President Trump and the Republican Party, will you bear the responsibility of getting the vaccine developed during Donald Trump’s presidency and loudly proclaim you are another life saved by former President Trump? We all want to choose, and we must all bear the responsibility of our choices? What is your choice and what responsibility are you willing to bear?

Nell Marler

East Bend

Editor’s note: Subsequent to the start of school on Aug. 17 the Yadkin School Board did reverse course and institute a mask mandate. The decision came as nearly 600 students and staff had been asked to stay home after being exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

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