PuzzleHR and Ripple Analytics Form Strategic Partnership to Enhance Employee Assessment and Development

TAMPA, Fla.–()–PuzzleHR and Ripple Analytics have formed a strategic partnership to offer a unique way to enhance the often-dreaded employee performance/annual review process. The new partnership will allow both companies to better serve a recurring pain point for their clientele: how to genuinely and accurately assess talent.

“We could not be more excited about this partnership with Ripple,” said Chris Timol, President and Co-Founder of PuzzleHR. “At PuzzleHR, we strive to deliver Transformational Business Results through the Human Resource function. This partnership with Ripple and their dynamic, innovative, world class feedback platform will help us continue to drive value and results for our customers.”

PuzzleHR and Ripple are working together to help organizations improve their retention rates, increase productivity and become more attractive to new talent in a busy marketplace. In doing so, they will help their clients gather feedback, engage employees, drive self-awareness and strengthen their company culture.

“We are extremely excited about Ripple’s partnership with PuzzleHR,” said Noah Pusey, Ripple’s President and CEO. “To partner with a successful, growth-minded, dynamic organization like PuzzleHR has everyone at Ripple buzzing about limitless possibilities. Ripple’s pursuit of driving organizational well-being through constant, timely, anonymous feedback marries up perfectly with PuzzleHR’s goals, culture and philosophies.”

About PuzzleHR

PuzzleHR is the premier national provider of outsourced Human Resource Solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. The PuzzleHR suite of services includes fully customized Human Resources Outsourcing and Strategic HR Consulting programs. PuzzleHR also offers a full suite of Managed Services including Talent Acquisition, Benefits and Payroll Administration, Employee Relations, Compliance, Organizational Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs and Training.

To learn more about PuzzleHR and their managed HR services, visit PuzzleHR or send an email to info@puzzlehr.com.

About Ripple Analytic

Ripple’s mission is simple: improve the way organizations assess, develop and manage their people. Ripple steers away from some traditional approaches (i.e. 360s, Annual Reviews) and employs cloud-based technology and survey analytics to drive self-awareness, productivity, efficiency and culture. The result? Happier employees and higher levels of retention. (A particularly sore pain point for many organizations when it comes to Millennials and Gen Zers).

For more information about Ripple, please visit www.ripplefeedback.com or email Noah at noah@ripplecrew.com.

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