Infinity Token Brings New Cryptocurrency Strategy to Buyers


Virtual currency trading and crypto mining make Infinity Token self-sustaining while offering Ethereum dividends.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2021 / Increasing demand for quality cryptocurrency has sparked many new methods for benefiting from the coins or tokens without needing to sell a position. Infinity Token offers a new system that rewards holders in Ethereum (ETH) instead of the currency the investor is already holding. The creators of Infinity Token say the goal is to create a strong tokenomics system that will reward participants and remain self-sustaining for a long time into the future.

One of the big differentiators noted by Infinity Token is in how the new system will reward people for holding Infinity Token ($IT). Every transaction includes a 10% fee that is broken down into:

Rewards: 5% of the fee becomes a reflection which turns into ETH and can be claimed instantly at This reflection amount remains proportionate to how much $IT you own.

Sustainability: The other 5% of the fee becomes a development tax (which funds the “Growth Wallet”) which goes towards the purchase of ASIC mining rigs for Bitcoin mining. Profits from the rigs fund buybacks and other aspects of token sustainability such as injections of liquidity.

Just being an investor becomes lucrative with this system, say the creators of Infinity Token. Buyers can hold their $IT until they are liquidated for ETH, or hold longer term to benefit from the mining profits and ETH reflection. Rather than buy their own mining rigs, investors are essentially buying into community-owned crypto mining rigs. That community is what buys and powers the rigs that are then utilized for mining BTC. “$IT holders directly benefit from crypto mining without all the hassle,” the company explains.

Infinity Token assures investors that it has worked through the numbers and created a cycle that can continue indefinitely, referred to as “the infinite cycle”. The company says all profits will remain public so investors can see where the fees are going. The rigs purchased will be used to mine BTC and those profits will be used for buying back $IT to sustain the token price and support trading activity.

Infinity Token also plans to use its website to help educate buyers on cryptocurrency so they can invest confidently. Infinity Token will follow a fair launch principle with no presale. Interested investors can check out educational articles, news, and daily tips that will help them make good decisions for their crypto future. The company has plans to host in-person crypto mining meetups to help incentivize buying, holding, and trading of the token.

Infinity Token says it is one of the first to implement ETH reflections for holders. This makes the company a pioneer in its mission. The sustained trading volume, mining concept, and buy-backs are what define the $IT ecosystem. Infinity Token officially launches for trading on Uniswap on August 6th at 9 pm EST.

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