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Bitcoin mining is once again in the spotlight, with videos coming out of China showing massive mining farms being torn to the ground. These events have caused the Bitcoin network hash rate to drop significantly, causing panic on the markets.

But, a few wise owls see this as an opportunity, and what an opportunity it is. With less hash dawning on the Bitcoin network, it means that mining is now easier for everyone. And easier mining stands for more profitable mining!

Combine this with StormGain crypto trading platform’s brand-new free to use cloud mining service and you’re onto a winner. Even with the lowest amount of hash rate, you’ll mine more Bitcoin thanks to the recent bans on mining and ascending hash rate, courtesy of Stormgain!

I Can Mine Bitcoin for Free?

The idea of free cloud mining might sound a bit too good to be true, but we can assure you that it’s 100% legitimate. StormGain’s free Bitcoin cloud mining service gives you a real opportunity to mine cryptocurrency at the click of a button.

To get started, create your own StormGain account, head to the mining tab and hit start the cloud miner. You’ll then begin earning mining rewards every 4 hours. Once you’ve mined 10 USDT, you’ll be able to move it to your trading account where you can start trading with it. Any profits you make are yours to keep – no questions asked!

How Does Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining Work?

Some crypto exchanges offer discounts on trading fees and some will send you goodies in the mail. StormGain on the other hand decided to be different, taking rewards to the next level.

You see, the more you trade, the more hash rate will be diverted to your crypto cloud mining account. In the beginning, you’ll be able to earn about 0.30USDT per day. But, as you trade more you’ll unlock more hash rate and earn more passive income.

More trading = More free Bitcoin

It requires nothing from you other than hitting the mine button. It doesn’t use your CPU or GPU; it doesn’t drain your battery and it doesn’t require you to invest any money. Simply trade with StormGain and boost your hash rate.

To start crypto cloud mining at StormGain, all you’ve got to do is log into your account. You can do this on your laptop, mobile, tablet or smart TV. Once you’re in, head to the crypto mining page. Then click “start mining” and it will begin to work its magic.

Then, as soon as you cross the trade volume requirement in a 30-day period, your mining hash rate will be automatically upgraded to the next level.

What is StormGain?

StormGain is a market-leading crypto trading platform, offering you a full suite of crypto trading tools and signals to help you trade as profitably as possible. You can trade a wide range of top cryptocurrencies at up to 300x leverage, which you’ll be hard pressed to beat.

StormGain is designed with advanced traders in mind, with its trading platform packing state-of-the-art tools wrapped up in a sleek and clean user interface. Mix all of this impressive tech with 24/7 support and you’ve got the recipe for a top crypto trading platform.

How Can I Maximize My Cloud Mining Earnings?

As you’re now aware, StormGain is in a class of its own, giving back to traders that take full advantage of its powerful tools. The best way to look at StormGain’s cloud mining service is as a rewards program on steroids. The more monthly trade volume, the more rewards you get – it’s simple.

The first increase in hash rate comes at the 150,000 USDT mark. You need to trade this much in a 30-day period to qualify for the upgrade, but this is fairly simple to achieve if you’re using 300x leverage and the proprietary trade signals that StormGain has to offer.

Has Bitcoin Cloud Mining Ever Been So Good?

StormGain packs a powerful crypto trading platform, coupled with 300x leverage, 24/7 support and a rewards program that’s out of this world. You’ve got all the necessary tools at your disposal to take your crypto trading game to the next level.

It’s as good as it sounds, no strings attached. Whatever you mine you can withdraw to your trading account. Then, whatever profits you make on that are all yours to keep. Check out the StormGain website to learn more or reach out to one of the 24/7 support agents, they’ll be more than happy to help. Happy mining!

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