Battlefield 2042: BF Portal “Check & Balance” in Place for XP to Prevent Abuse, Anti-Cheat Talk Closer to Launc


With the reveal of Battlefield Portal as a new mode for Battlefield 2042, some might not know that playing BF Portal matches will net players XP overall, which means they’ll still be able to unclock gadgets, weapons, and rank up in Battlefield 2042. However, that seems like a recipe for disaster given how some gamers are prone to cheat their way to gain an advantage anyway they can.

One obvious way to game the XP here is, someone creates a game mode/playlist in Battlefield Portal, and players can just repeatedly gain XP and thus unlock stuff super fast.

Thankfully, DICE is aware of this. Speaking to YouTuber JackFrags, Ripple Effect Studios Creative Director Thomas Anderson mentioned that they have “check and balance” in place to prevent XP gain abuse, and that the studio will talk about anti-cheat leading up to launch.

Thomas Anderson: We have some “checks and balance” that I don’t want to talk too much about (for BF Portal XP gain abuse) at launch, but we have some technology behind those things where we’ll be monitoring people’s experiences to make sure that we don’t get an unhealthy progression environment…that’s as much as I can say about that. In the months leading up to launch, we’ll be talking more about anti-cheat, progression, that kind of stuff.

This is comforting to hear. Let’s just hope that DICE and Ripple Effect Studios have good anti-cheat plans in place, since that’s a way bigger concern than players abusing XP gain in Battlefield Portal.

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