Battlefield 2042 AI Bots Will Be “Really Hard” to Tell Apart From Humans Says Devs



With Battlefield 2042 confirmed to feature AI bots (that can’t be turned off) to make sure servers stay full constantly, some might be wondering how these Battlefield 2042 AI bots will react in-game. As it turns out, very well, it looks like — at least according to Ripple Effect Studios, who’s co-developing Battlefield 2042 alongside the main studio over at DICE Sweden.

Talking about the difficulty of the AI in Battlefield 2042’s Battlefield Portal modem Design Director Justin Wiebte of Ripple Effect Studios states that players will have a “really hard” time telling the difference between AI bots and real human players.

We’ve tried to put a lot of effort into making them play just like a player would. So it would be really hard for people to tell the difference between an AI and a real human player because they will run around, they will drive vehicles, they will pick each other up, they will drop [each other] off at objective locations and things like that – it’s a very intelligent system. And then you can tweak and tune some of the things they are and aren’t allowed to do, including how difficult they are to play against.

This is very encouraging to hear. If the AI bots are really this good in-game, I suspect some players would rather have these as squad mates rather than human players, since some of the latter fail at doing the most basic of team-oriented tasks such as giving ammo, healing, and the like. That said, given how Battlefield 2042 AI bots are confirmed to not be able to use Specialties and Traits, they are severely limited in what they can do.

Source: VG247


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