Massena town suspended its crypto mining operations – TCR


  • Crypto mining firms are allocating their operations in Massena like green pastured regions
  • The officials of the town are concerned following how these shift is littering the region
  • Massena has prohibited such newcomers from operating in the region for 90-days
  • During the suspension period, officials of the town will introduce new regulations to prevent roadsides from being cluttered
  • Massena Electric is also negotiating with the new miners to ensure its clients get more benefits

Crypto mining is getting more popular with soaring demand for cryptocurrencies. However, the operation requires heavy power usage, which concerns many globally. On the other hand, China has also prohibited miners from operating in the country. Following the scenario, the Chinese cryptocurrency miners allocate their business to countries like Kazakhstan and the United States. However, recently, Massena, a town on the border of New York and Canada, has imposed a prohibition on such miners. The city put a break for 90 days on new cryptocurrency miners.

Why did Massena suspend crypto mining firms?

Associated Press has shared a report revealing Massena has halted cryptocurrency miners from operating in the region. The town has suspended all new crypto mining firms for 90 days. It is known that during the period, the town will introduce new regulations that will ensure that such facilities and rigs are prevented from littering areas.

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According to Steve O’ Shaughnessy, Massena’s supervisor, the decision for such prohibition came following trailers filled with mining rigs popping in the region. The supervisor mentioned that they don’t want the town to be filled up with such sea boxes throughout the town. Hence, they are prohibiting the firms from littering the town with trailers pumping BTC.

Massena leveraged a 90-days restriction

The officials in the town planned to ban new crypto miners from operating in the region. During the period, the regulators will roll out new rules that will keep the region’s roadside uncluttered and make mining facilities more presentable. 

The officials stated that they want to make sure if such miners are planning to get in the town, it should be an excellent presentation. 

Massena Electric is in negotiation with miners

On the other hand, the power supplier of the town is in negotiation with three of the miners. Massena Electric is making sure that any deal it makes with these miners protects its clients. Indeed, they are seeking to benefit the other consumers as well with increased sales. Notably, the power supplier is also having its own moratorium with new crypto mining firms.

Why are miners shifting in the town?

China’s prohibitions and strict regulations have forced crypto mining firms to allocate their businesses. Following the scenario, North American nations are trying to attract these miners to dominate the global hash rate. Likewise, Massena also sees an influx of these firms. From the other perspective, Massena is also attractive to crypto miners due to its green pasture and cheap electricity with legal support.


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