Michael Saylor creates a ripple with the launch of “At the Market” Securities Offering. – TechStory


Michael Saylor has managed to shake the bitcoin community with his latest announcement. Microstrategy had initially made news by completing a debt offering worth $500 million, channeled towards bitcoin purchases. Just hours after this Saylor’s announcement created a ripple with the news implying that it might proceed to the sale of its stock worth $1 billion.

Seems like the bitcoin community never runs short of surprises and shocks now and then. The company also hinted that the proceeds from the aforementioned sales might be used for various reasons. And it wouldn’t be illogical to speculate that the primary reason will be the purchase of more bitcoin. Just to be clear, Microstrategy at present holds 92,000 BTC which is worth a whopping $3.7 billion. Seems like, Saylor is determined to set sail to his ship, and the bitcoin community is reasonably flustered.

Since the tweet made its presence known, Twitter has been flooding with reactions, responses, and memes. Here is a compilation of the best reactions and responses from Twitter.

Looks like the beginning call for another frenzy.

Looks like the bitcoin community is worried about a probable tempest.

Let us hope Saylor behaves like Thanos and leaves a justifiable half for the rest of us out there.

Is it time to change the name from Microstrategy to Macro strategy?

Well, it is a possible option

Seems like no amount of bitcoin can quench that thirst.

And some facts on the face.


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