The cows powering a green Bitcoin revolution



BitRiver, which hosts Bitcoin data centres in Russia, uses power from a next-door hydropower station and last month bought one million renewable energy certificates from the aluminium and hydropower giant EN+ so that it can tell customers its data centres are carbon-free.

“Many of our customers are in Japan, Korea, and they are very concerned about the environmental agenda,” says chief executive Igor Runets, who says he cannot disclose the value of the deal.

Argo Blockchain is one of four companies that have signed up to a new Crypto-Climate Accord, pledging to cut emissions from electricity consumption to net zero by 2030.

The others are DMG Blockchain, listed in Canada; Gryphon Digital Mining, which wants to own its own renewable energy supply; and Zumo, an Edinburgh-based cryptocurrency payment platform.

“Climate change is a reality and we need to do something about it,” says Wall.

“The industry is no different to any other, except it is newer.”


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