Green Crypto Firm runs a mining computer from cow dung – Illinois News Today



The cryptocurrency mining business, which runs computers using cow dung, has won £ 5m of sales reservations so far this year. Berry-based Easy Crypto Hunter says the number of inquiries surged after Elon Musk attacked Bitcoin mining to consume large amounts of energy produced by harmful fossil fuels.

Bitcoin mining usually requires a super-powerful and energy-intensive computer. Most mining is done in China, where energy costs are much lower than in the UK.However, Josh Riddett’s mining machines (70cm x 35cm x 40cm) are designed for other mining machines. Digital Currencies like Ravencoin and Ethereum use much less energy.
The company’s mining rigs are typically retailed for £ 18,000, with an average annual profit of around £ 30,000 each for three years, and most of these profits were achieved in 2021 due to the institutional acceptance of digital currencies. .. Long-term investors saw the greatest profits. Owner Josh Ridett, one of the representatives of last year’s crypto EU summit, said UK agriculture as farmers use onsite renewable energies such as solar, hydro, wind and anaerobic digestion. It states that sales are growing significantly in the community. For more information IDTechEx Result report Energy harvesting for electronic devices 2020-2040..


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