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In the first beta version of I / O, many of the consumer changes in the next major version of Google’s mobile OS RevealedOne of the most controversial visual updates on Android 12 is the spillover effect on taps. The company is listening to feedback and is committed to improving it in future releases.

After installing Beta 1 and tapping any button, many users believed that the resulting animation was a graphic bug. To them, the radiant glow looks more like a noise artifact than the intended effect. Some thought there was a problem with the display, believing that the previous approach was okay.

This change was intentional to describe Google as “a part of Android 12’s new visual language” and Material You.For example, Google considers related things Overscroll effect Being more natural and organic.

People immediately accessed the Android 12 issue tracking system and provided feedback, but there are 169 duplicates externally. Main thread, 263 people are starring at the time of writing.

The day after the bug was first submitted, the Android team recognized the issue and said, “We will update with more information as this issue becomes available.”

On June 3rd, Google “marked as fixed” and gave an official response.

Thank you for your feedback. From Beta 2 and 3, you’ll see continuous updates to make the ripples more subtle, less distracting and less glitchy.

The company has clearly heard the user’s reaction to the spillover effect of Android 12 and is working on three common changes to Android 12. For each answer, you should see the first update in Beta 2 this month.

As a precedent, the overscrolling effect introduced in Developer Preview 3 is less noticeable in Beta 1.

Android 12 details:

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Google is working on “less glitchy” Android 12 Ripple

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