Meet the Projects Bringing Polkadot to the Masses


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Polkadot, the high-speed, interoperable, and massively scalable platform for cross-chain blockchains, has been the subject of much attention lately — largely thanks to its potential to unite the broader blockchain ecosystem.

But while Polkadot provides the technology and infrastructure developers can use to build more powerful and inclusive products, there are more than a handful of platforms doing what they can to usher in the next wave of Polkadot adoption.

Some of these projects have gone on to become an entire ecosystem in their own right, including:


Edgeware is one of the platforms looking to help more entrepreneurs and builders leverage the capabilities of Polkadot through its unique community-oriented project development and management platform.

The platform aims to become the premier place to build and work in the cryptosphere, by providing a democratic environment where community members can pitch ideas, raise funds, collaborate, and build using Edgeware’s suite of powerful tools and features.

As a platform designed to power the next generation of decentralized applications (DApps), Edgeware provides a platform developers can easily use to re-deploy their native Ethereum smart contracts with few to no changes — this is thanks to its support for Ethereum WebAssembly (Ewasm). It also supports smart contracts built in Rust and WebAssembly, making it accessible to new developers.

But more than this, Edgeware offers a range of modules developers can use to quickly bootstrap their products and bake in advanced governance functionality — allowing builders to create products that support a full cryptodemocracy.

Edgeware is built on Substrate and is intimately woven with the broader Polkadot ecosystem. As a result, developers and communities building with Edgeware will be able to easily incorporate cross-chain support and build composable products for the rapidly blossoming DeFi landscape.

The goal of the network is to make on-chain governance a staple for any blockchain project, helping to produce a network of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that can help better shape the future of the blockchain space.


You may have heard of Clover from the recent news surrounding Coinlist — the platform that hosted the record-breaking final stage of Clover’s token sale, which saw more than 200,000 users compete for limited slots to participate.

The platform is designed to provide a “foundational layer for cross-chain compatibility” — which essentially means it’s looking to become the hub that developers use to build cross-chain capable DApps without so much leg-work.

It achieves this through a number of innovations — one of which is its SPV threshold simulation tech, which is used to establish trustless two-way pegs between different blockchain networks. This works in combination with Clover’s scripting layer to allow developers to easily build plug-and-play DApps that benefit from interoperability as standard.

Like Edgeware, Clover is built on Substrate, and provides an EVM compatible framework developers can use to easily port their Ethereum DApps over to Substrate to plug them into the Polkadot DApp landscape.

Beyond this, Clover incorporates a number of other features that make it particularly appealing to both veteran users and complete novices alike — it does away with gas fees by taking the transaction fee directly from the transacted asset, removing a significant headache for users.

Clover is currently operating on its testnet and the CLV token hasn’t yet been launched. The token generation event for the CLV token is expected to take place in early June, whereas the mainnet launch date is still yet to be announced.


No list of major Polkadot projects would be complete without mentioning Polkastarter — a launchpad for Polkadot-based projects and one of the most popular on-ramps to the Polkadot ecosystem.

Polkastarter is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to gain an early stake in new projects building on Polkadot.

Right now, the platform is a simple decentralized swap platform, which sees select whitelisted individuals compete to win an a fixed investment allocation in IDO projects. However, there are plans to massively expand on its scope with time, adding a range of new funding methods (beyond fixed-rate swaps), governance features for POLS token holders, and anti-slippage measures.

The platform is currently built on the Ethereum blockchain, but plans to migrate to Polkadot later in the year. By doing so, it will then support native projects operating on Polkadot and will support cross-chain exchanges to other blockchains (like Ethereum and Bitcoin) through Polkadot bridges.

Polkastarter has helped launch some of this year’s most sought-after projects, including Superfarm, Ethernity, Convergence, Polkamon, and Sienna Network — many of which are either being built on Polkadot or have plans to migrate to it later.


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